Making the most of our time

By Katie Koerten and Paulette Woodruff
Interim Deans of Atlanta Youth Academy (AYA)
We welcome AYA families back to school, honored that you have once again chosen us to help shape the formative years of your children. Thank you for continuing to believe in our mission of providing a Christ-centered transformational education. 
We also welcome—and are so grateful for—our new families. We trust you are finding AYA to have been your best choice and decision, allowing us to share in the education of your children. 
We welcome feedback from all so that we may do our best to serve you better.
Aligned with Peter Rooney’s remarks about transformational education, our faculty’s motto for the 2015-16 school year is Making the Most of Our Time. It is our commitment to a standard of excellence, from preparing quality instruction within our classrooms to orchestrating meaningful learning opportunities outside of them. As teachers and administrators, it is always with careful intention that we go about our daily business of providing students with skills and tools, putting them on paths of excellence extending well beyond their years here at AYA.  
Let us all be reminded to work and walk in tandem, doing our part to make this year a success. Let us commit to clear and timely communications. Let us commit to meaningful instruction and proper completion of assigned tasks. Let us commit to sharing the love of Christ with our children. And let us commit to collaboration and teamwork, to accomplish our shared goals.
Above all, we desire your prayers. We stand on our school verse for God’s people to humble themselves, and pray and seek God’s face so that we can hear from heaven and see God’s outpouring on our school.

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