The Impact of a Transformational Education on Family and Community

By Keisha Scales, President of AYA’s PTO
Keisha's Bio Picture
How many children do you have at AYA? As an AYA community leader, what are you hoping to accomplish this year? 
I have one child at AYA who’s a fourth grader. As PTO President, I’m hoping to encourage more parents to get involved with the school on a day-to-day basis.
I think this will make an impact on student attendance, achievement and behavior. This is a special, vibrant community, capable of accomplishing a great deal.
AYA’s mission and commitment is to provide each student with a transformational education. On a day-to-day basis, how do you see this playing out with your own family, and with others in this community? 
The experience of a smaller class size has allowed my son to excel here at AYA. I see the same for other children who’ve been at AYA for years. They receive a level of attention and encouragement that’s bolstered by faith, diligence, and teamwork. Mentoring and collaborative skills are also important in this community.
How has involvement with AYA transformed you as a parent?
It’s definitely changed my life. Parental involvement uplifts a student’s educational experiences by connecting parents and teachers in a meaningful ongoing conversation. AYA students know every adult here has got his or her back. I’ve enjoyed meeting other parents who share the same joys, concerns, and enthusiasm for their children’s AYA careers. Families feel welcomed and part of a larger team here.
AYA’s success means that the school also serves as a “lighthouse” for others modeling themselves after AYA. If you could speak to those parents, what advice or insights would you give on enrolling their children in one similar to the AYA model? 
I would tell them to go for it! Any school similar to AYA will allow your child to grow from pre-K to eighth grade, with all the necessary preparations and experiences — inside and outside the classroom. They go on to high school and college with easier transitions.

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