AYA Civil Rights and College & University Tour 2015: Day One (of Five)

Every fall, AYA seventh and eighth graders go on a Civil Rights and College & University Tour, visiting sites of historical importance as well as the campuses of secondary schools and institutions of higher learning. This year, with parent-chaperones LaRon Lucas and Keisha Scales, AYA students visited key spots in their home state of Georgia. Over the next few days we’ll be posting their trip entries and photos — so stay tuned!

The following blog post was written by
Alecia Taylor, 8th grade, & Jeremiah Andrews, 7th grade.

Our Civil Rights/College & University Tour began early before the rising of the sun. We arrived at Rabun Gap in our new Atlanta Youth Academy fleeces that we will enjoy! The two-hour bus ride consisted of anticipation, laughter and a bit of snoring. However, we were thrilled to begin a new educational experience.

Upon arrival at the Rabun Gap Nacoochee School, we met our tour guide, Mrs. Jennifer Moore, Director of Financial Aid. Mrs. Moore escorted us to the Convocation Ceremony, where we saw a preview of a cirqué performance which will be performed by the students this weekend. Afterwards, we split up into grades. Seventh graders toured the campus while eighth graders shadowed Rabun Gap students. One unique aspect is the huge barn that they use to compact recycling materials. Additionally, Rabun Gap has a solar powered cell phone charger that can charge up to forty phones at a time.

An exciting class at Rabun Gap for most eighth graders was being apart of AP Government. They talked about the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutional Amendment. For lunch, we had pizza in the student center. We had an opportunity to relax and play pool, ping-pong, and air hockey. We spent time catching up with AYA Alumni, Elisha, Justin, Dasja, Stacia, and Caleb. After saying our goodbyes we surprised another AYA alumni, Samari Edwards, at Tallulah Falls School. We laughed and shared new happenings while being sure to capture a few pictures for Snapchat and Instagram. Leaving Tallulah Falls School we met up with the legend himself, Mr. Rock Curlee, at the Tallulah Gorge State Park. We were so excited to see him and to share how much we missed him. We hiked down the Falls to a very scary bridge. Afterwards we took some pictures and climbed back up 1,099 steps.

Following the hike we headed to Athens to check-in at the Hampton Hotel. We settled in then drove into downtown Athens for dinner at “The Grill”. Most of us had their very popular burgers. We enjoyed a few milkshakes and sodas along with several more laughs. We returned to the hotel to debrief from an interactive day. It was great to start our trip seeing so many familiar faces. Following debrief was lights out so that we could be well rested for tomorrow’s adventures at UGA! Go Dawgs!

Click on the images to enlarge. 

College Tour 4College Tour 7   College Tour 9  

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