AYA Civil Rights and College & University Tour 2015: Day Four (of Five)

With this year’s trip winding down, AYA students continue to experience new insights and discoveries about their home state. Check back tomorrow for the last day of this wonderful tour!

This post was written by Tyson Ringold, 7th grade;
Khalil Simms, 7th grade; and Dwayne McGruder, 8th grade.

 The fourth day of our wonderful trip was spent at Georgia Southern University, Savannah State University, The Sisters of The New South, and River Street.

Our first destination was going to be the Pinpoint Museum, but we had to show limitless flexibility because Pinpoint was flooded due to the rain earlier in the week. So instead we went to Georgia Southern. One of our alumni, Aab Gruduah, (AYA class of ’11) met us and had a good conversation with us. Also, one of our chaperone’s friends, Christopher Pugh, works at Georgia Southern. He gave us words of inspiration for how we can be successful. We didn’t stay long, but we got a lot out of brief time there.

After we left Georgia Southern, we went to Savannah State University, the oldest public historically black college in Georgia. After touring the whole campus, we were surprised by the presence of the Junior Class Vice President resident as well as a group of marathon runners dressed in silly costumes to celebrate Halloween. We checked into the hotel and some of us had the chance to play basketball.

We had a delightful dinner at Sisters of the New South. Then we went down to the famous River Street where we treated ourselves to ice cream and candy at River Street Sweets, Savannah’s famous candy store. The candy store reminded us of New Orleans because the shop had a distinct set-up and color that made us crave sweets. They even made candy right in front of us! When we left the candy shop, we heard the sound of beautiful music that we had to check out. It was a gentleman with a trumpet. He played music and we had a great time.  Tired, we returned the hotel to debrief, relax and get ready for tomorrow.

Savannah has a lot to see, so we’ll be spending more time here tomorrow.

College Tour 4.2 College Tour 4.7 College Tour 4.6 College Tour 4.5

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