Jessica: An AYA Profile in Leadership

The AYA community puts a premium on leadership in teaching and learning — in everything we do. Check out Jessica’s response to our blog questionnaire, and you’ll understand our pride in all our students. (Click on the image to enlarge it, or read the transcript below).

What do you think?


How long have you been at AYA?
I have been here at AYA for seven years.

What are your three favorite memories through your career at AYA?
My three favorite memories are the fall festival Treats Town, becoming SGA VP (Student Government Association Vice President), and making the cheer team.

What is your favorite subject area?
My favorite subject areas are science, art, and math.

What accomplishments at AYA are you the most proud?
I am most proud of being SGA Vice President, a cheerleader, and head of the 8th grade community service group. Some of the projects we have done range from the fall festival to gift baskets donated to a church. I have also enjoyed being SGA Vice President.

Please share a bit about your leadership experience as an 8th grader.
I am head of the community service group and we have done four projects so far. One of our projects have been helping collect shoe boxes filled with treats for the Homeless at Heart organization. One of the things we have done in SGA is host a bake sale. The bake sale was a lot of fun for me.

What is your greatest goal?
My greatest goal is to go to Yale or Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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